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Paul Pfeiffer
Sunday June 13th 2010, 2:20 pm
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A native of Hawaii, Pfeiffer is a video artist, who so called “builds relationships with his material” that he works with. Pfeiffer uses pop culture to assimilate with the going 21st century. His work is said to explore race, religion, commerce, art and philosophy. Finding his video work came across as difficult to me. I am upset about this because I am actually very curious as to what his final video pieces look like. He said it takes months just to finish 2 minutes of his final product sometimes. I give him so much credit for this because I have trouble staying focused on a piece of work for more than a week!

These are two images I found to catch my eye the most. Clearly they are greatly edited, and the second one is a video. The colors in the airplane one as astounding, and the symmetry is what drew my eye in the most.

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