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Matthew Ritchie
Saturday June 05th 2010, 11:31 am
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Paintings, wall drawings, light boxes, sculpture and projections are Ritchies specialities. Time listed Ritchie in the top 100 innovators for the new millennium. His work was said to be “the unthinkable or not yet thought” of designs are truly a statement to think about when looking at his work. Not only is his website fabulous, and the easy to use website ALSO gives a biography of Ritchie which I found extremely helpful.

My favorite piece after looking through his work is called “It stands decided”. It seems busy, and engaging, and I love it. After looking at this piece, I wondered how long it took to complete, and how he thought of the design. Did he base it off something? Is it a replica of something? And more importantly, how did he come up with the title?

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