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Robin Rhodes
Monday May 31st 2010, 7:57 pm
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From South Africa, Rhodes is a charcoal, chalk and paint artist, who first started out by creating performances in relation to his drawings and everyday life interactions. “Performance, happening, drawing, film and photography” blended together, and art now his present day art forms which he creates int photography art forms and digital sequences. Graffiti and sport influenced his generation, which he incorporated into his artwork.

The man interacting with the bike is my favorite piece of work. It leads the viewer to figure out if they believe what the man is doing with the bike.. stealing, riding, moving or pushing it. I also was extremely caught up on the picture with the man played basketball. Rhodes brings those who look at his art into his head. We are forced to look and break down all the layers and devote our time to what portion interests us. I really enjoyed looking at Robin Rhodes work.

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