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Matt Siber
Tuesday May 18th 2010, 9:12 pm
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Who seemed to be the artist (of these 3) to “take the most digital approach”, Matt Siber was my favorite to research. I love advertisement, and billboards, posters, magazines with advertisements, etc. are all major eye catchers to me.

“The Untitled Project” was the most interesting to me. It is so true that the power of visuals have such a great effect on our society. We rely on colorful proposals that we constantly see for our public brands, that with just seeing those colors and/or a specific font, we can instantly name the item being advertised. For example, I can always spot out Target commercials before they announce that the company advertising is actually Target. The use of the red bulls eye is incorporated, and multiple replica items, such as 20 “Tide to Go pens” are displayed constantly through the screen.

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