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Ian Whitmore
Tuesday May 18th 2010, 8:59 pm
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A native of Chicago, Ian Whitmore is a photographer who focuses on setting and composition as key components when producing his art. He has three current projects, titled “Nowhere”, “Channels”, and “Onomasticon”. From his collection of “Nowhere” the photograph I found most interesting was the one below. I chose this because of the peculiarlity ┬áin it. Throughout his entire collection, there are all pictures of shrubs, bushes and plants. In this one, its trees. However, you don’t first see them. I took this as an “I Spy” perspective. Looking through the glass the reflection of the trees shows.

I didn’t really like Whitmores work, as I found it boring and plain. The colors weren’t appealing to me, and I had a hard time even choosing a “favorite” to focus on.

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