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Arthur Liou
Tuesday May 18th 2010, 11:28 pm
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Arthur Liou, an immigrant from China came to the United States in 1994, is a photographer who has background with the Chinese military as a “video-ographer”.

Lious most recent works, “Blood Work”, “CBC”, and “Blasts” came from inspiration from his daughter who was diagnosed with Leukemia as a 2 year old. This piece of work is a video and audio installation. The video is not scientific at all, and in fact, are repetitive images of his daughter and the bottoms of her feet, symbolically representing the fading that the cancer has taken on her life.

Liou’s response when asked to speak of how his daughters Leukemia and its effect it has taken on his art, he responds, “At one point it was an escape for me,” Liou says of Blood Work. “But it was a weird escape, because you get closer to reality than you think. Sometimes it is relieving when you focus on art ideas and the difficult things you have to work with. You make progress. . . .”

This is inspiring to me, as I look and read about his works and see the strength Liou has to have in order to be so called “creative” about his daughters struggle.

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